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wood Fencing

We offer many different styles of wood privacy fencing. Southern yellow pine pressure treated Pickets are available in a variety of widths and finishes; the most common is the  1” x 4” and the 1″ x 6”.  Traditional picket fences are sometimes referred to as a stockade fence.  Pickets are placed side by side butted up next to each other. One misunderstanding is that space needs to be left between pickets. This is not true; the pickets when placed in this fashion will shrink and should be placed tight to maximize privacy.

(all photos are our installations)


6' pressure treated dog ear with dog windows


Convex with French Gothic Posts


Dog Ear with French Gothic Posts


Spaced Concave with 1.5 inch space and crown royal post tops


Convex with french gothic posts


board on board with flat posts


dog ear with flat posts

jims fence.jpeg

6' Dog Ear with true 4x4 posts

french road.jpg

Dog Ear with Double Gate

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